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Friendship is a wonderful thing. You should know that I grew up as a quiet, obedient child who always avoided trouble when I can. I didn't have too many friends because I didn't seek out people in in the first place. Only thing I needed was my small circle and we could conquer the world together. Friendship is something that everyone needs, no matter who they are. We trust our friends with our deepest secrets and we rely on them during our toughest times. We love our friends. Perhaps too much, and sometimes we look past their misdeeds. Some of us still take them back after they hurt us deeply. At that point, it becomes a one-sided friendship. These people take us for granted and put nothing into our "friendship". Some of us had this happen…show more content…
I was sitting below my mother, staring at her ruby red carpet as she styles my hair for the day. "Remember to ALWAYS be on your best behavior, Remiah. This is one of the best schools in the area you're going to. I had to work hard to get you here." I simply responded to her with a "Yes, ma'am" and went back to staring down at the ground. While completely silent on the outside, I was screaming on the inside. "I don't want to go to a new school!" I hear a voice say. "What if nobody likes me?" "What if I mess this up?" All these thoughts circle around each other in my head, fighting for their voice to be the loudest. I come out of the trance when my mother pats me on the shoulder, signaling that she is finished. I stand up, dusting some of the hair off and grabbing my backpack. This wasn't the longest car ride I had in my life, but it's up there in my top five. Going to a different place with different people is taxing. As my mother pulled up in front of the school, I find myself deep in thought while staring at the doors. "I don't belong here. All of Mom's hard work will be put to waste because of me." I once again, snap out of it when my mother sternly orders me to get out of the car and go to my class. I open the door slowly as I possibly can until my mother yells at me to stop…show more content…
We were in middle school, things were different compared elementary. Kids changed for the worse. I noticed Lisa changing as well. I was at her house on a sunny afternoon, playing video games. I was beating Lisa so many times, which frustrated her. She eventually slapped the controller out of my hands and called me a cheater, despite the fact I was sitting right there, beside her the whole time. I affirmed that I did not cheat and couldn't possibly do so. She begins to call me a liar and demands me to leave her house. While I could've easily contended her, I just didn't want to put our friendship at higher risk of ending, so I passively packed up my belongings, called my parents and waited outside. I felt ashamed and my parents questioned why they had to come get me after dropping me off two hours ago. I lied, and I said that Lisa began feeling unwell. Lisa ignored me while we were at school while I tried to apologize for making her upset despite it not being my fault. She brushes me off and ignores me for the following week. Soon after, she starts talking to me again like nothing happened which really confused me. Did she forget what happened? Her dark side began showing more often as the years of middle school fly by quickly. Lisa can be extremely vicious. She began using us to get things she wanted. She would throw us under the bus to save her own skin. It should've been clear to me

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