Scene Analysis: Pulp Fiction

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The film that I am choosing to do my scene analysis about is a scene from the film Pulp Fiction written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The scene from Pulp Fiction that I am choosing to analyze is the Big Kahuna hamburger scene. The scene starts with a camera shot that is used throughout the film which shows Vincent and Jules standing directly next to each other, but in this scene there is a difference instead of Vincent and Jules facing the camera the camera is showing the back of their heads and Vincent and Jules are carrying on in conversation which seems quite peculiar to me, because they are just standing in front of the door for around thirty five seconds talking about Vincent taking care of Marcellus’s wife when Marcellus goes out of town to Florida.…show more content…
Vincent and Jules knock on the door to apartment number forty-nine and the African American male named Marvin opens the door and Vincent and Jules walk into the apartment and the three young men are caught off guard because these two scary men dressed up like businessmen walk in. This scene has a great display of mise en

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