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Florida is a big place to live with all different cultures of people from all over the world. Florida population is around 19.8 million. Florida is one of the best states in the world because of its awesome attractions. Such as Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Studios, Holy Land, and more. So that is why I think it’s one of the best places in the world to live. I also like that I got to enjoy a lot of these attractions. Also I loved that I had a lot of good memories that I still remember that happened in Florida. I definitely love living in Florida because of all the great memories I had there. A day that I will never forget is when I first landed in Florida which was my first time in America. Because I was coming from Jamaica where I was born. The first site I saw was the airport at Miami, Florida. Which the airport was really big and there was a lot of people there. But then after that we met our destination which was Fort Pierce, where I stayed there for about 2 years. The first time I went to Fort Pierce, Florida there was a lot of people there. They were very welcoming to us moving in the neighborhood. I also got to see most of my family members too. Who I was so happy to see. After we got…show more content…
Because they make me happy. Also because I went to some of the great attractions in Florida. Which makes me want to go back to Florida and enjoy these great attractions again. I also think Florida is an awesome place to live because it has different cultures from all over the world that come to live there. Where you might have some similarities with some of these people from these different cultures. So these memories were wonderful and I now know what it’s like to live in Florida and plus it was my first time in America. So I got to experience a wonderful state and its people. So these memories are always going to be in my heart and I will always remember

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