Rameses II: Future Pharaohs

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Ancient Egypt persevered through a lot of rulers, having over 29 Kings and Pharaohs and over 5 Queens, the most interesting ruler of which I find to be Rameses II. Many Egyptians would devote their entire lives to the construction of the tomb for their pharaoh. Egyptians believed that by helping the pharaoh, they were securing their own place in the afterlife. During his life he made quite a reputation as a builder and a warrior, but also as a ladies man. However, Rameses is best known for all the buildings he had constructed in his name across the country. Trends set by him paved the way for future pharaohs. The reign of Ramses II was one of the longest and most prolific reigns in Egyptian history. "King Ramses the Second took the throne…show more content…
This occurred because Rameses demanded that the monuments were constructed at a faster pace. This practice was unfortunately repeated by the successors that followed him. He is responsible for the building of more famous structures and monuments than any other pharaoh, having many structures and statues of those who came before him that he disagreed with renamed as if he commissioned them himself. One example of this was how he attempted to return Egypt to how it was before Akhenaten ruled ("1353-1336")[2], erasing traces of Akhenaten's attempt to make Egypt…show more content…
"According to a hieroglyphic text found on the mummy, it was removed from the actual royal tomb for safety reasons by Egyptian priests in the 10th year of the reign of King Pinodjem after robbers violated the burial site."[11] Since then the mummy has been moved again and is now located in the Egyptian Museum in

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