Why Is Career Guidance Important

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Discover Your True Calling The Fair and Lovely Foundation values your the dreams, aspirations, and will to make your own place in today’s competitive world. The foundation is devoted towards its endeavor to bring out the best in contemporary aspiring women by empowering them to convert their dreams into reality. In order to help them make the right choices, the foundation provides career guidance to deserving and talented women who wish to make their mark in the world. It is natural for anyone to have apprehensions about the right choice. If you also feel the same and want to be sure about where your interests lie, you can take the interest-based career test. This test is specially designed to scrutinize your personality, aptitude,…show more content…
It not only gives you an insight into your choice of career but also shows you the educational path to your career goal through a career map. In order to make these facilities more accessible, the foundation has launched a mobile application. The app can be downloaded from google play store anytime. Why is Career Guidance Important? Achieving success in life is not all fate or luck. It is majorly based on the outcome of your long standing efforts and hard work in a well-defined direction. Your results are driven by your enthusiasm and ambitiousness. However, to be able to decide a goal is more difficult than paving your way towards it. (Visually) Career choices are the decisions that affect our future to a great extent. Although being economically independent is important, but in the long run, working in the field that interests you grants a lot more satisfaction. With globalization and digitalization, a wide range of career options are available to choose from. With such a plethora of choices and scarcity of trustworthy information, many of us are left confused and bewildered. In such a case, career guidance which relies on scientific tools and aptitude tests is the best…show more content…
This sector not only offers excellent salary packages but also a high scope of development in the future. The IT sector is booming worldwide today and has exceptional growth prospects in the coming future. If you enjoy working with computers, or if technology fascinates you, IT sector is meant for you. The Fair and Lovely Foundation offers guidance for the following courses related to IT sector: • Data Scientist • Product Manager • Quality Analyst • Software Programmer • Web Designer HEALTHCARE The Healthcare industry today is not limited to the profession of a doctor. With the developments in science and technology and change in the lifestyle of people, many new career prospects have come up. It is not only a well-paying profession but also is a very respectable and noble one. If you enjoy helping people and would like to work in a medical facility, you can choose to seek guidance for the course(s) of your choice out of these: • Clinical Psychologist • Dentist • Dietician • Nurse • Pharmacist • Physician Doctor • Physiotherapist •

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