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The death of a loved one can break the heart forever, when people die it chips away little by little at the wall put up around the heart until there is nothing left but the exposed, helpless, beating heart. This is what happens to young Liesel Meminger in the novel the Book Thief by Markus Zusak. As the Liesel and her brother make their way toward their new home, Liesel awakes from her sleep to find the life of her brother taken away as he turns white like stone and becomes lifeless. Liesel and her mother have a funeral and Liesel steals her first book the grave diggers handbook. After the funeral Liesel’s mother abandons her and leaves her with a foster family between 1939 and 1943 Germany, while many Jews are being captured and tortured.…show more content…
Markus Zusak uses the literary element of symbolism to paint a picture in the reader's mind when he describes how dominoes represent the lives taken from all of the Jewish bloodshed. Zusak writes “ the dominoes were falling like dead bodies in the living room” (Zusak 410). The dominoes portray how Hitler’s words turned everyone against the Jews and the nazi party started the slaughtering. The dominoes symbolize dead bodies falling one by one every time a jew dies. The theme words can inspire and words can destroy aluminates how the style of symbolism utilizes the theme. The Book Thief also depicts how the dominoes exemplify how words can inspire. The author notes “they would all smile at the beauty of destruction” (Zusak 408). This quote shows how the dominoes (anarky and death) inspired people to stand up and give a little help to the Jews even though they were surrounded by loss. This quote also presents how a beautiful thing can come from a piel of destruction.The Government paid for all medical expenses for the muslims, anyone could get treatment whether they were rich or poor (History alive 112). The medical practices in the Islamic world date back to the earliest days of muslim rule, when muslims greatly contributed to the world of medicine. Islamic medicine helped to improve the world today through complex surgeries,…show more content…
The multitude of ward’s has influenced hospital all over the world. Islamic hospitals have contributed to the medical world greatly, not just through there influential design but through the way they have helped so many people’s lives. Muslim medicine is relevant throughout history because of the impact it has had on the medical world today. Without Muslim medicine we would not have hospitals, cures for deadly diseases, or many surgical advances that the muslims discovered. If not for Islamic medical influences we would all be dead because of the lack of technology and

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