Effects Of Cleanliness In India

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For the past few weeks, as soon as the sun set, a pair of goats munching something have continuously walked back slowly to rest for the night opposite my residence. A couple of days back, a father with his little son suddenly stopped the bike beside my home facing the goats. The little boy was holding a water gun and the father asked him to squeeze water on those goats resting there. I was agitated by the wrong guidance of the father. I wondered what they would gain out of such cruel actions. Hitting with stones, tying something to the neck of dogs and cats all actions can be listed in animal cruelty. People tend to show their meanness to such innocent animals, with no reason. Now let me list a few other pet peeves, which raise my ire but also negatively impact our country and its development. Though Chennai is known for many great things, smooth traffic is not…show more content…
We all do realize its effects on our country; however we miss to take necessary steps in solving it. Cleanliness is a major factor for a healthy country but the down listed few are the major reasons for unclean India. Once while travelling, my brother was about to throw the biscuit wrapper out of the window. I advised him to leave it in his bag and throw it in the trash can after getting down from the train. It is the same with others that people are so reluctant to even dispose their own waste improperly. This will eventually affect us (health disorders) as well the environment (soil pollution). Have you ever noticed red-colored wall art at railway stations, wall of houses and other public places? People are so sense less that they spit the paan (betel leaf chew) without realizing its consequences on others. By spitting, you make the place dirty and unhygienic and cause a major health disorder, Tuberculosis, an airborne disease. How many of you

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