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Why Become a Guidance Counselor? There aren’t many careers that are potentially as frustrating and difficult yet simultaneously as rewarding as becoming a guidance counselor. This definitely isn’t a job for people who aren’t passionate about getting stuck in and helping other people. A typical guidance counselor will help support and structure the students educational and vocational direction life. Sounds like a lot of responsibility. That’s because it is. This can be a confusing time for many students who are confronted with a barrage of choices, not to mention the good and bad influences they’re receiving from every direction. Whether that be the media, friends and family, teachers and colleagues there are multiple areas where the student…show more content…
If you’re looking for an emotionally challenging yet potentially very fulfilling career and you can connect and relate well with children and students then read on and learn how to become a guidance counselor. How Do You Become A Guidance Counselor? In most schools a bachelor’s or master’s degree is needed related to social studies, psychology, communication and public speaking is also a plus. Most public schools require a counseling license to be able to work there. Many schools also like to see degrees related to teaching and education or at least experience teaching because guidance counselors can be asked to teach occasionally and it is a strongly related skill. Sometimes a background in math and statistical analysis is useful for evaluating the students test results. What does it take? Prospective guidance counselors should have excellent communication skills and be able to relate strongly with adolescents. You will need to be patient and understanding since over a third of your time will be spent in direct consultations. A deep motivation to guide the next generation is essential to stay in the job for the long term. Honesty, trust ability and humor are also essential character traits that help the student become more open to the counselor’s influence which in turn helps the students make better

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