Why Is Australia A Good Global Citizen

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‘Australia acts as a good global citizen.’ Australia and its political leaders have been a part of the global community for many years, trying to make the world a better place. Australia is the worlds fourth best global citizen boosted by its active role throughout the world for a better change. Australia is a good global citizen through its supportive role in the UN (United Nations), providing aid to many undeveloped countries worldwide and its active role in the global market by trading resources with many countries. Putting all these factors together, Australia definitely acts as a good global citizen. Australia is a founding member of the United Nation, and ever since has supported and played an active role in world affairs. Australia since 1945, has maintained peace and security, and has developed friendly relations among nations to achieve global cooperation. “When the world is in trouble, Australia responds. Australia is a good, global citizen (Tony Abbott, 2015).” Former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, helped thousands of refugees from third world countries by…show more content…
The exporting and importuning of goods are vital for the Australian economy as they help shape it, (Economics-Business-Civics and Citizenships, J.C., M.J., G.S., K.T., 2015). Most of the products, families’ use at home have been produced internationally. If Australian based companies want to compete with oversea companies to benefit the country economically, they have to export goods. The exporting on minerals is vital for Australia because it is Australia’s key form of revenue, which is depended on China. The global market shows that Australia is a good global citizen because it helps other countries by providing minerals they don’t have. The trade system not only benefits other countries, but also our own population by providing them with everyday

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