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Lululemon is a successful, Canadian, athletic, yoga apparel brand founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson. Traditionally, as a brand, Lululemon focused on creating “technical athletic fabrics” yoga-wear that made women feel and look great. Using the ideology of health, social, and individual responsibility, Lululemon has become an international brand. Lululemon’s brand message is constructed using a narrative of elevation from mediocrity to greatness. The corporation aim to create products that allows people to live longer, healthier, and adventurous lives. Each year the company roll out a line of products which includes yoga-wear, running, dancing, and other technical athletic apparel that caters to women. Though a women center brand, in recent years the company has made it part of its brand mission to forge a…show more content…
It allows the audiences to become more familiar with the brand, increasing the likelihood of identifying with the brand. In the case of Lululemon, most men have come to associate the curvy logo with femininity and some believe it resembles a woman’s face. Not to mention, Lululemon’s most famous product is their butt-hugging pants that women everywhere seem to enjoy wearing. According to retail analysis and branding expects, for decades Lululemon has made women such a central part of their story and chaining that narrative to include men is almost impossible to achieve. Interestingly Lululemons current brand identify is a strong and compelling one. The brand is known for being a soft, comfortable, self-empowering brand that resonates extremely well with women. However, that message contradicts competitive and rugged image men typically look for in active-wear "Even the name, Lululemon, is not a very masculine name," says Robert Kozinets, a professor of marketing at the Schulich School of Business. And due to this stigma most men feel uncomfortable buying Lululemon

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