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This paper will disagrees with Roslyn Reso Foy that Armand is not a “psychologically complicated character”. It is the time period he is living that makes him like that. This paper will analyze both in the text evidence and that of Foy as well. Desiree was an adopted child. Her foster parents were white, wealthy persons, so she knew because of the color of her skin that she was white. This is all we know about her. Armand was fairly white, his father was a cotton plantation owner. Later Armand becomes the owner. Armand’s mother dies when he was a child. He doesn’t remember her too much and he assumes that he is white, because of his father. Armand and Desiree meet in Paris, and they decide to marry later on. At the time, African American were…show more content…
Although Armand ask his wife to leave with the baby, doesn’t mean he is disturbed, he is just trying to put the puzzle together and to came up with the solution to all this. Maybe he told them to live because he needed time to think about staff, and to make up his mind about what would happen if he lets them live in the house, all the slaves workers would be able to do whatever they want because their owner had a black baby, meaning that he doesn’t care about color skin. Which that not true, Armand thinks and assure he is pure white because of his…show more content…
After burning those, he finds a letter from his mother to his father, thanking God for the blessing of her husband love. She wrote “night and day, I thank the good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother who adores him, belong to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery;” with this letter he realize that he have some black genes because his mother was a slave, and maybe they were living in Paris because his father wanted to hide them from society, because he was a wealthy man, and being with a slave didn’t look

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