Punishment Due To Criminality

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Introduction: Laws are rules. They protect us for our safety, and make sure that we have our own rights as a citizen. It provides general safety. There are laws for different type of things in life. Laws are rules of basic behavior and are found in all societies in order people would feel happy and safe. One of the main reasons we have laws is to prevent crimes in our countries. Every crime has a punishment and these punishments differ due to different cultures, religion, tradition, and language. Hypothesis: In this project, I believe that the main reason for the answer of my research is due to different cultures, tradition, religion or language. In order to be saved from punishment due to crimes, we have laws. Some laws are enforced which…show more content…
Many break laws out of desperation, greed or lack of knowledge. Law-breaking starts at a young age, and education is a fundamental cure. A person with a better education and qualifications has a more hopeful future, and will less likely be unemployed and driven to criminality to survive. An education with focus on ethics and values should be able to reduce crimes committed out of selfishness and greed. Thus, a key to the criminality problem is giving all people and criminals a fair opportunity to be trained into responsible citizens. Two of the solution for criminality is making the laws strict and the punishment harder and strict. We could also let the government make more laws but I do not believe its possible to make the same laws in all country due to different types of cultures and…show more content…
I have learnt a lot about laws around the world as well as familiarise myself with the death penalty controversy. Also, this topic helped me sharpen my public presentation skills. I found gathering statistics on the death penalty especially difficult as it is under restriction. I have never knew that there were so many countries which had death penalties. Also the fact that so many countries such as Singapore are successful due to its strict laws that they have achieved. I never knew that harsh punishments existed for example receiving 120 or 80 lashes at your body due to doing something wrong. I also think that Drunk driving laws should be really strict.Countries spend more than $100 million due to the driving crime because of drinking. There is an opportunity cost for this. They could have used the same amount of money in something that would benefit everyone such as education, health care or reduced the amount of tax in which taxpayers have to pay. That’s why it is important to strict the law of drive drinking because this could also harm other people. The fact also some people are bored and stupid that they think that it is fun to break the law. People who break laws are people who want to break out of depression. They could do that also when they're drunk and do not think.In my point of view, I think that if the society did better for jobs and education, then there would be less crime. I never knew that

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