Similarities Between Australia And New Zealand

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Australia and New Zealand Australia and New Zealand have some similarities but at the same time differences. Both countries share similar histories with regards to economic development and labor market regulation, and they also share British colonial history. Australia and New Zealand have different regimes when it comes to government. New Zealand appears to be more economically integrated with Australia than with any other country. Comparisons of different political systems and events around the world can generate important lessons from one place that can be applied in another. Comparing certain political events and different governments in each of the countries gives one an understanding of how the country functions. A regime is a set of fundamental rules and institutions that govern political activity…show more content…
Australia does not have seats reserved for any racial group, but New Zealand has special seats reserved for Maori ( The system is founded in the liberal democratic tradition, on the values of religious tolerance, freedom of speech and association, and the rule of law ( Australia’s institutions and practices of government reflect the British model. New Zealand has a parliamentary democracy and a commonwealth realm government where voters rank all parliamentary candidates in order of their preference, rather than choosing one individual. The leader of the party that holds the majority of seats in parliament after elections becomes the chief executive of the government (Mueller n.d. Web). Australia has a bicameral (divided into two separate houses) Federal Parliament that consists of the Senate whilst New Zealand’s legislature is a unicameral House of Representatives, a legislature consisting of only one house. It is commonly called a parliament which serves a three year

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