Amy Tan Mother Tongue Language Analysis

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Moving to a different country to where you may not a know whole bunch or may not know anything at all about the language will lead them to faces great challenges. The autobiography, “ Mother Tongue”, by Amy Tan talks about the power language has on our emotion and how a person will be treated. with a reference of her of her mother and what she had to go through. A foreigner like Amy tan; were greatly influence with the American language and shows how powerful language is and how it can change people's emotions. Amy Tan gave clear described way how language affects emotions, with an example of her mother and how she had felt towards her mother on her autobiography, When she was talking about her book “The Joy Luck Club” as she had felt…show more content…
When Amy Tan was 15, she described how she would pretend to pretend to be her mother on the phone “ she use to have me call people on the phone to pretend I was she… I was forced to ask for information or even to complain and yell at people who had been rude to her” (pg.635) People were making fun of Amy Tan's mother because she couldn’t speak English properly and couldn't defend her from the harassment she was getting. With Amy Tan's mother does not know how to speak perfect English, has almost gotten her scammed out of her money from her stockbroker. “one time it was a call to the stockbroker.. my mother was standing in the back whispering loudly, why he doesn't send me to check, already two weeks late. So mad he lies to me, losing my money”(pg.635). Another similar situation how language affects the individual was when her mother gone to the hospital for an appointment to learn about a benign tumor that the cat scan had revealed. Arriving the hospital, the doctors treated her differently “they did not apologize when they had said they had lost the cat CAT scan”(pg 636). even not show any sympathy are telling them that her husband and son had died of a brain tumor, but simply telling to make another appointment with the doctors. compare when Ms. Amy Tan had spoken to the hospital with perfect English she was treated more respectfully and gave them the information to when the conference about the tumor even apologizing for the pain her mother had gone

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