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Competitor Analysis 2: Free People Aerie doesn’t face a lot of direct competition as there aren’t many brands that target directly to the younger women looking for lingerie. Free People launched their own intimates in 2012, which can be found in stores and online. Dick Hayne, who created and owned Urban Outfitters, created the brand. It was a wholesale line that was generated in 1984 (Our Story). In 2001, it became what it is today, a more mature and contemporary brand. The describe their target customer as “A 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and hanging…show more content…
Aerie defines themselves as a romantic brand for tweens and young adults, but Free People is perceived as a little more mature and edgy. They’re perceived as a bohemian fashion brand and have high quality. They’re more vintage and cater to teens and young adults (Our Story). Both brands, Aerie and Free People, offer lingerie and pajamas. They both offer intimates for roughly the same age group, as well as many color options and bra’s to choose from. Aerie however, stands out from Free People by having their own brand. This allows Aerie to have their own stores dedicated to lingerie and specializing, meaning customers can have a better experience in-store shopping for bra sizes and getting fitted. Free People doesn’t have this luxury to offer to customers, as the customer must either shop for lingerie among the apparel in store, or…show more content…
This could be a strength to the Free People brand if Urban Outfitters has a good brand equity, customers may feel a similar way towards Free People. This is a way for the brand to gain customers and publicity. While its a growing company, it still has weaknesses of not having a store accessible to every potential customer. There aren’t as many stores as there would be of their competitors, like Aerie, and they don’t always offer free shipping on their website. This could cause Free People to lose customers that would normally buy from there, but can’t access a fitting room or be able to make an in-store purchase. Free People also offers higher-fashion, while having a higher price tag. Threats to the company could be considered if the economy was to worsen. With the higher price tag on their lingerie and apparel and consumers with less disposable income, their brand could

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