You And You Fall Down By Joan N. Kaderawek: Article Analysis

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Three Strikes and You’re Out Ever thought about how Early Childhood Special Education would affect you? No right, because I did not think that it would effect me in anyway. I was wrong, because everything that these teachers teach their students shows in the world today. How special kids feel about themselves, if they have the confidence and the strength to achieve their goals. Think about how in The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, the doctors at MCMC gave up hope on Lia, thinking she would ever wake up or stop having her random seizures. Or in Joan’s articles when she explains how ECSE and other types of fields help the children with how they grow up and with what they believe in. Early Childhood Special Education has many fields that…show more content…
In Joan N. Kaderawek’s article “Perspectives From the Field of Early Childhood Special Education.” She talks about how ECSE, early childhood special education, works with many other fields such as, Speech language pathologist (SLPs), physical therapist (PTs). If they work well together, then they will have a better understanding of the related professions in ECSE. Thats why I chose this topic, due to how well the ECSE does and teaches and helps those who are special. They can understand each other a lot more, with knowing how they work or what they…show more content…
Have a assistant there to help those students to learn what their peers are learning, or to place them in a class where they can learn at their own place, but still be with their friends and they can social interact, instead of being isolated in a room all day. Not only does the isolation affect the students, it also affects the teacher. Dolores Appl talks about three ECSE teachers, and how they feel isolated in their classrooms although, they have an assistant with them. One of the teachers, Cathy said in an interview, “I’m by myself…” even though she has a assistant she still feels this way.(Appl) The students and teachers should not be isolated and divided like this. There should be different classes and different teachers for students to see and vice versa. Without ECSE there would be no place for kids with disabilities to go learn or get the education that they need to survive in the world today or later on in the years. Through the ECSE they are taught that if they work hard enough they can do what they want. If they do not let other people get to them they will achieve greatness just like any other person in this world. This issue relates to my profession due to the fact that I want to be able to teach students to accept who they are and I believe that teaching them when they are young, is the best way to do

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