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SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIST JOBS Surgical technologists are also referred as scrubs, operating room technician or surgical technician. Surgical technologist’s jobs are jobs done by medical professionals that involve specialization in surgery operations. They might be confused with doctors or nurses, but there work differs in the roles in which they carry out in the surgical rooms.They receive their delegation and command from a surgeon. They not only work in surgery rooms but also at delivery rooms they also aid. While some of them train in colleges and technical institutions, some get the training at the military. Normally the training lasts for one to two years in many scenarios. They are trained on various scenarios of operations till they become…show more content…
They aid in the surgeonand the nurse in the operation room by undertaking roles such as sterilizing, getting the patients ready for surgery by disinfecting the stitching points, getting required supplies to the surgeon and the nurses as and when required,preparing the surgical room by assembling the surgical equipment among other roles. According to US bureau of labor statistics they anticipate the career to grow by 19% by the year 2019. The rise in demand of these professional is because of the increased number of people who are in need of operations due to technology such as laser technology and fiber optic. This is also subject to change. With new technology being on the rise, this may see this field see an abnormal demand for these guys to handle upcoming surgical equipment. Surgical technologist jobs have seen a steady growth in terms of demand also in other continents. This can be explained due to the mismatch of demand and supply of jobs. As the number of operations increased this has seen a proportional increase in the demand of surgical technologist jobs. This profession is appreciated all over the world and standardization of the profession being monitored and ensuring of accredited institution are the ones offering the training. This in turn prevents quacks from cropping up in that

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