Black Swan Narrative Therapy

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The movie Black Swan is based on a young beautiful ballet dancer named Nina Sayers. Throughout the movie Nina works extremely hard to win over the director of the play and land the lead role in the play Swan Lake as the Swan Queen. Nina must depict the white swan that represents innocence and purity and the black swan that represents mystery and danger. There is many times where the movie does an excellent job at showing the physical demands of the ballet industry. This shows the extreme distress that Nina faces on a regular basis. Nina’s Swan Queen role requires her to find herself and develop a sexier more risqué side to herself. She is constantly being told by her dance director to “loose herself”. The problem is Nina cannot channel the…show more content…
Narrative therapy is essentially a social constructionist way of seeing the world. Narrative therapy will give Nina the opportunity to recreate her story. The goal is to have Nina learn to externalize her strengths and engage in creating her identity. One of the major tenets of Narrative therapy is the belief that the person is not the problem and the problem is strictly the problem. The goal with Narrative therapy is to focus on externalizing the problem. The therapist would give Nina the opportunity to reframe and externalize the event in the second or third session because it could be difficult for Nina to see that her problem is not connected to her but is…show more content…
Nina will learn to externalize her strengths, something she is not used to doing. Therapy will help Nina recognize and acknowledge change. Nina can draw on her strenghts talked about in session to produce that needed change in her life. The therapist will continue to have a focus on communication with Nina. This will be especially true with past painful experiences as well as current feelings of pain. Both approaches have valuable tenets that will help Nina see that she possesses the strenghts to create change in her life. Using a contextual lens will allow Nina to communicate in a healthy manner with her mother and restore balance. While using the narrative lens will help Nina to gain control over her life again by re-storying her experience and will have the ability to construct meaning from her experience to develop an

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