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Ryan Wincig 11/14/2014 Research Paper The Mozart’s: Trials and Tribulations As a prolific artist and composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created a string of concertos, operas, string ensembles, symphonies, and sonatas that profoundly shaped music of the Viennese Era. Views of Mozart and his works differ from generation to generation, as each century tends to take from him whatever suits their contemporary needs. With that being said, his creative genius is undeniable and has been affirmed for centuries. Mozart created music that transcended national barriers and influenced the shape and direction of music for his successors. However, we tend to listen to his music today with little thought on the source of his influence and inspiration. There…show more content…
He played a pivotal role in his son’s development, influencing both his music and his behavior. At an early age, he took complete control over Mozart’s life and career, governing every aspect of his existence. Although they loved each other, their bond was reshaped over time. Leopold’s lack of paternal discipline, overwhelming expectations, and manipulation, ultimately led to the deterioration of the symbiotic father son relationship they once shared. The turning point in their relationship seems to stem from the death of Anna Maria. While there was nothing Mozart could have done to prevent this eminent misfortune, Leopold placed ample blame on his son. Schwerin and Davies disagree on Leopold’s intentions in holding Mozart accountable, but what is certain is the undeniable pressure Leopold placed on Mozart to aid the familial financial stability. Leopold’s high expectations coupled with a craving for self-promotion resulted in his use of Wolfgang as a tool, often to project his own name. Seeking liberation from his father, Mozart embarked on a rebellious route, marrying Constanze despite Leopold’s blind hatred of the Webers. Ultimately, it was Leopold’s inability to grant Mozart an independent adult life, which caused the deterioration of their relationship. Bibliography: Schwerin, Erna, M.A “The Psychodymanicies of Mozart’s Family Relationships.” The Pleasure and Perils of Genius: Mostly Mozart. Peter F. Ostwald, ed. San Francisco, CA: International Libraries, 1993. Halliwell, Ruth. The Mozart Family: Four Lives in a Social Context. Oxford: Clarendon, 1998. Print. Agnes Selby, “Leopold Mozart’s Paternal Pride and Prejudice.” Quadrant 43 (1999): 83-87. Davies, Peter J. "Mozart's Manic-Depressive Tendencies." The Musical Times 128.1729 (1987): n. pag. JSTOR. Musical Times Publications Ltd. Web. 10 Nov.

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