Why Exams Are Bad

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EngWk24 Good morning, boys and girls. Exams are hard. They impose a huge weight on the back of every student, and they are something almost everyone hates. You spend an eternity preparing for it, through ups and downs and ultimately wish for it to be over as soon as possible.Over 50% of students think that exams are the ‘worst’ part if school But that’s not how it should be. Exams are not made for students to be worried, anxious or angry. They are there for students as well as teachers and parents to know where you stand in the education world. Of course, you should most definitely aim to be the best you can be, but that frankly isn’t possible all the time. Yes, you ought to push yourself, but not cause harm in the process. There are no…show more content…
They aren’t built as a last minute guessing game. But they aren’t built to trick you. So why treat it like that? You musn’t make exams any harder or more complicated than they should be. Take your time and relax when preparing. You should find patterns in your weaknesses and strengths and drill them to perfection instead of cramming in the wrong things. Similarly, you should be efficient with your studying. You ought to find the weak link and fix it accordingly, and in doing so, you should see a steady improvement in your scores. But most importantly, you cannot be hard on yourself. Not everyone is a special snowflake with straight A’s in every subject. Not everyone can walk into an exam feeling 100% confident that you will hit the bullseye and walk out. You must stay as calm as possible throughout this experience and stay confident with yourself and your abilities. Believe in yourself, because you can succeed if you put your mind to it and focus. You have to put everything into perspective, as exams are not the only thing that is needed to succeed, not by a long shot. Recognise your boundaries, and don’t push yourself too much. Follow these steps, and you should see an improvement in not only your test scores, but also your morale. Finally, and most importantly, if you seriously feel like exams are having a very negative effect on your health, sleep, diet or life, seek help
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