Personal Essay: The Importance Of Qualities

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In my opinion, an attribute that one possesses is not inherited, it is learned. Qualities are honed by many years of experience and there exists a variety of causes that lend a hand in every characteristic that a person exudes. Since every person experiences different events at different times, every person is unique and no one possesses the same set of characteristics. I believe that qualities cannot be differentiated into bad and good, each quality has its own advantages and drawbacks. This is mainly because of the events that led to the development of a certain attribute. The attribute that I possess, that is, the lack of competitiveness, has led to me missing a lot of opportunities that would have furthered my career. My perfectionism led to a…show more content…
It taught me two things, one great and one not so wonderful. While losing the event wasn’t disastrous; it taught me what failure was, after all; it was the subsequent complacency that eventually strengthened my lack of competitiveness. Due to my grandmother’s funeral I couldn’t attend my math exam, the most important exam, an exam I knew I would be able to ace. This brought my total grade down a lot, math being a large contributor. I eventually lost my position in class (from first to not even being in the top ten). However, when I went back to school it was like nothing had changed. No one treated me any differently. While I was still behind in class, I was definitely not degraded or bullied. This made me think that there were no consequences even if I didn’t compete. It made me realize that winning wasn’t the grand finale of life and even though I didn’t get an academic prize that year, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I became very complacent and any further event that required a little hard work to win, I would not participate in
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