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Which lingerie to choose to excite a man? The choice of lingerie for a particular evening but also everyday is very important, more than we can sometimes believe. If to attract a man, your outfit and your outward appearance are important, to seduce him completely, you have to bet on your lingerie. Do you consider that buying a set for a party is money thrown out of the windows? Why not put them back in everyday life? It's not because you've already won your man's heart that you can not fill it every day by revealing sexy underwear in the evening on your way home from work. Convinced?All that's left to do is understandwhat's pleasing to men and define what would be best for you to start this daily parade to your man. What men like The…show more content…
The subject is also to be taken into account. Cotton lingerie is comfortable, you feel good inside, perfectly comfortable ... but unfortunately it is not one that will directly your man to the maximum of his excitement. In cotton men prefer silky and more suggestive materials. Lace, for example, that you may already be used to wearing everyday. But to attract their attention, silk or satin underwear will perfectly attract your man. Again, bet on something sexy and naughty. And forget about your little cotton…show more content…
You can then try to adapt all this according to your personal tastes but also according to your body. If shapes and materials can adapt to all women to enhance their body, there are certain colors that will not always have the same effect on each. It all depends on the color of your skin, your hair but also your eyes. It's a set of things to consider when choosing your lingerie. And if you ever have a doubt, never hesitate to seek advice from a vendor, it's their job, they are used to give real advice and will not judge you. What will be crucial first is the color of your skin. The black skins have no questions to ask themselves: everything suits them perfectly, from dark colors to pastel colors through deep vivid colors. If you have white skin, consider choosing colors that will brighten you up. For this aspect, the material is very important so do not put a particular color in mind and look at all the models that you like. Those who have matte skin should especially be wary of too pastel colors that might give you a bad look, it would not be very sexy. The color of your skin will allow you to determine the big sets that will suit you the best, but it is not the only criterion to take into

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