Teacher's Role In Education

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Teachers are the backbone of education. They are the ones who build a foundation for the success of their students. A teacher should provide quality education despite adversity, an education leading each student to the epitome of achieving their goals to be successful professionals. Teachers are expected to meet each demand and to deliver his/her best ability not only to create a good product but also to improve excellence in the academic community. Teachers are the creators of individuals who someday be an expert on their own field. There will never be doctors, engineers, architect, nurse, technologists, physicists, mathematicians and educators without the aid of the teacher. As Henry Adams once quoted, “ a teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops.” The role of the teacher is not only inside the four corners of a classroom. His responsibility is way beyond sharing ideas or knowledge, educators who are expected to touch the lives of every individual. One who could not only inculcate information but could also impact these individuals to become worthy pillars of their society. Education is a process. It is a method of which each and every…show more content…
This is a multi-directional model suggesting that our agency results in future behavior as a function of three interconnected forces: environmental influences, our behavior and internal personal factor such as cognitive, affective, and biological processes. This trinity mutually impacts its members, determines what we come to believe about ourselves and affects the choices we make and actions we take. We are not products of environment and biology but we are products dynamic interaction between the external, the internal and our current and past behavior (Henson,

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