The Cheating Culture Jeffrey Selingo Summary

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Giving Students in Second Chance Cheating become a part of human nature because almost everybody wants to win in different situations. Cheating is a normal situation that occurs almost in everywhere wither cheating relationships with partners, or educational cheating. Possibly, students are cheated more during in their educational time. Students spread-out exams and assignments answers in different ways while they are in the classes or even out side of the classes by using sometimes a useful technology like via messages which makes to cheat more easier. However, many professors struggles to control students who cheats so often and also seems like difficult to prosecute them. According to article, “The Cheating Culture” by Jeffrey Selingo, explains that students cheats more and cheating is getting worse. Cheating exams and exchanging answers makes some teachers hard to mange their exams like professor John K. Schueller, who made two versions of the test, and still some cheats. Some professors are not willing to…show more content…
Some professors thinks its hard to catch when students cheats, and it will be hard to deal with them but its not. Teachers can advise their students commonly either they cheat or not. Show students that cheating and plagiarism are serious situation, and it will be charged if they do let them know the bad consequences of cheating. Also, if there is a special case like one student mostly cheat so badly, teacher should not talk or scream that student in front of others. The professor can handle at this case as private, and communicate to the student about cheating and why it happens. Even teachers can send an email and let that student to know his/her mistake. Teacher can also warning his student if he/she cheats again after all these kindness advises and chances will fail the course let the students know the real punishment. Communicating is the best way to deal with cheating and solve the

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