Comparing Greek And Native American Myth

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Ancient people such as Greeks and Native Americans explained their different history through story telling which is still studied and talked about modern day. The difference between Greek myth and Native American myth is that Greek myth was all about the big strong hero who saved the day all by him or herself, however Native American myth was about the team effort. There was usually never someone who did it without help of others. In Greek myth, heroes like Hercules, Theseus, and Prometheus fought battles as individuals and had to get themselves out of trouble. Hercules would dress in lion skin and would fight monsters that most other Greeks wouldn’t even attempt to try and kill by themselves. Hercules was fearless. Theseus was passionate…show more content…
Native American myth emphasizes on the team effort, like if someone or something wasn’t there, there would be a different outcome. The first story that demonstrates community is the story of stone boy. The story of stone boy is when a woman eats a rock to kill herself, but then she has a kid because of the rock and water. The woman wants to kill herself because all five of her brothers go to hunt and go missing one by one. The son is strong and can surely handle the challenge of finding his uncles, so he goes out to do so. The boy finds himself by a tipi and an ugly old witch. He found her by following the smell of the smoke. The witch asks for a backrub, but feels something sharp and he is suspicious of it being a knife with poison or something like that. So, he jumps on her back until it’s broken and she is dead. The boy finds his dead uncles. The boy heats up the rocks and build a hut over them. He pretty much builds a sweat lodge and this brings the uncles back to life. Stone boy is born because of stones and water. The uncles are brought to life because of stones and water. So, without stone and water, the uncles would not have come back to life and stone boy wouldn’t have been

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