Analysis: Should College Athletes Get Paid

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Should college athletes get paid or should they not? That question has been asked for many years. It has been a very controversial topic between people who think they should get paid for what they do and for people who think that they should not be paid. Some people have very high emotions about the topic or others might not care but either way it is still a very relevant topic in today’s world. Some people say that college athletes should not get paid because they will put their education behind sports but they should get paid because the college events can make more than professional events, gives students income that they need, all the dedication the students have and it makes it more competitive. One reason why student athletes should get paid is their events can make more money than professional events. For example “The March Madness basketball tournament alone generates more than $1 billion each year in ad revenues, far more than the Super bowl” (Green 1). That means that just one college sport event makes more money than a professional one and that is just in ad revenue not the tickets that they sell. Also in 2012 the University of Texas’ football program generated $95 million alone (Morgan 1).…show more content…
For example “Instead of chasing part time jobs, athletes could focus more on their game to earn higher rewards” (Listland 2015). This means that for the athletes that are putting in hard work then they will be the ones making more money than those who are not. Also it is more competitive because the athletes would have to compete with each other to see who is better and will get paid more. That means is they don’t compete with their teammates and opponents then they will not make as much money as they can make if they were trying to compete. By paying college athletes it will make sports become more competitive because they will be trying to make as much money as they

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