Why Do Student Athletes Get Paid

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College sports and the NCAA have been entertaining todays youth and adults for over a century now, giving student athletes the opportunity of a lifetime to do what they love most at the highest level. Yet for the past 2 decades the same controversial topic seems to lingering around. The most popular question asked now a days when discussing college sports is “Should the athletes get paid?”. Over the years the NCAA has grown to be a multi-billion dollar organization. Every person involved with the NCAA such as its employees, coaches, and universities, get a cut of the large revenue. The only people who don't make a single penny are the ones who put their bodies on the line every time they compete: the student athletes themselves. Yes these athletes get to go to…show more content…
Doug Hood, from the New York Times, states “First, if so many players are dying to play football even without a scholarship, what is the urgent need? Second, they are getting paid. A full ride to a $40,000 school that they would not get into anyway, meals, four years of coaching from million-dollar coaches, tutoring, favoritism in classes, campus prestige, special dorms, trips, alumni awards to follow. What is that worth?” Student athletes to begin with already get so many benefits when committing to their school, receiving the opportunity of a life-time to do what they love most. The school covers their tuition fully, provides private tutors, stuff any regular student would kill for. Paying these athletes would just add on to the unfair favoritism these kids already get. It would also take away the amateurism that we call college sports. These kids go to college to first educate themselves, not to receive a pay. Hence, student-athlete. Paying students to play a sport at a university would only cause mass corruption. What ever happened to playing for the love of the
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