Summary: Should College Athletes Get Paid

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National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA), which is a non-profit organization that provides college athletes and the coaches for the resources. This association is similar to the professional association such as: NBA, NFL, and NHL. Over the years, college sports have become very popular in the United States; more people are inclined to watch college sports than the Professional sports. Since gaining a lot of popularity amongst the people, it has resulted them into gaining revenues for the NCAA and the colleges that are participating in this program. Recently, there has been a debate whether the college athletes should be paid beyond besides just getting athletic scholarship. The NCCA and colleges makes so much profit from the tournaments,…show more content…
Most the athletes that do get recruited to top universities like: Stanford, Cal, and USC come from poor families that will not able to support their child in College. “86 percent of college athletes live below the poverty line”(Hayes). Most of the college athletes are able to live their everyday life in college such as getting food and textbooks. Some students go hungry to bed every night just because they don’t have the money to buy food. In recent news story came out about what athletes suffers while giving their best efforts on the court: “University of Connecticut's Shabazz Napier recently told reporters he sometimes goes to bed "starving" because he can't afford food, despite that UConn's student-athlete guidelines include provisions for meal plans”(Ganim). These athletes does so much for their respective colleges, while colleges are not able to just provide them meal for a day. After the story of Shabazz Napier that created a lot of buzz around the nation some lawmakers are keen to have the law passed, which will allow student athletes to get paid. “The remark got the attention of state lawmakers in Connecticut, who are now exploring legislative ways to allow athletes at…show more content…
Paying college athletes more college athletes will stay longer at the college than leave for professional sports. Colleges will also benefit from college athletes staying in college until completing their college degree and also the athletes too. Without a college degree they will not be able to get a good job, in outside world. Playing athletes will keep them motivated in their studies and athletics too, where if they are not getting paid then they will go to the professional sports. College athletes are persuaded that if they enter for the professional draft, they will be making millions of dollars. However, in college student athletes won’t be able to make money from all they have done to make their college the best. In a recent article that appeared in ESPN, Defensive End Jadevon Clowney said: “ said he might have stayed in school for another year if he were paid for being a college athlete”(ESPN). Clowney who was selected as Number One pick by the Houston, Texans and went on to make millions of dollars. Clowney says:”If I would have had the chance to take care of my family through college, I would have probably stayed in college."(ESPN). Not just Clowney, have expressed their opinion on staying back in college until their graduation. Colleges do not realize that having them staying for college they will make

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