Why Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much

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Is the cost too much? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a professional athlete? You would have a fancy house, millions of adoring fans, and a countless supply of money. As kids, that is the type of life that we dream about. Some people think that professional athletes do not deserve as much money as they get paid. They find professional athletes jobs inferior to other professions such as the military, teachers, and firefighters. Our society worships entertainment and the excitement of a ball game. Even though some may feel that professional athletes are over paid, through out the years of hard work and dedication, the harmful damage it does to their bodies, and the short lifespan of their careers, athletes deserve the pay they are given. When you think about what children and teenagers do in their free time a few things may pop in you mind like, riding a bike, hanging out with friends, playing video games, and having a summer job. For dedicated athletes this is not the case. They have a strenuous and demanding schedule. If they are not at school they are at practice and if they are not a practice, they have a game. They do not have the same luxuries as their peers. Often, in…show more content…
If you think about the number of hours they are on their feet, it can stress out their joints. When an athletes body goes through so much wear and tear, they become more likely than others to have an injury. Females biggest injuries occur in their knees. Severe knee injuries, such as a torn ACL, take at least a year to heal properly. Professional athletes get paid on their performance, so consequently if they are out because of an injury, they cannot perform and get docked in pay. Some people may think that professional athlete’s salary being docked is not that big or an issue, but it is. Professional athletes are just like any other person. They have a family and expenses to pay
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