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Do athletes deserve their high salaries? Athletes nowadays are being paid an incredible amount of money. Some people argue that they shouldn’t be getting payed as much as they are. But, there are many reasons as to why they deserve such high salaries. Here’s why: They entertain millions and millions of people, they work extremely hard, and they create jobs for people. First, athletes create a huge impact on people in everyday life. People from all over the world watch sports, like football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and many more. Many enjoy watching professional sports and will pay money for tickets and merchandise for it (Kevin). They offer a valued service, and that’s why so many go to games or watch on TV. Yes, the total salary can be quite large, but…show more content…
They are always being watched and scrutinized for every little or big thing that they do. Many kids look up to these athletes as role models, for their on and off the action work. When in public, these athletes get criticized for everything they do. When an athlete parties too much, they will be considered irresponsible (Cummins). In exchange for fame and money, they give up their privacy. They cannot go shopping without disguise, and they are denied the right of living a normal life like everybody else, another reason why they’re worth high salaries (Cummins). Another huge reason athletes are worth a lot is because they aren’t replaceable. In the whole world, there is only one LeBron James, widely considered as the best basketball player on the planet (Kevin). People pay to see the best perform at a high level, not to see inferior teams. If you don’t think athletes deserve such high salaries, then don’t buy their jersey’s, don’t go to their games, don’t watch on TV (Dave). They get paid with private money, so not a single penny of your money is going towards athletes wages

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