Why Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much

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Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why not me? Did you know that basketball player Kobe Bryant signed a 33 million-deal record just for playing basketball? And don’t forget all the money he gets from advertisement. Floyd Mayweather, a professional athlete, gains 250 thousand dollars every second he is inside the boxing ring. Even though athletes deserve more money because they are working hard, I think that athletes gain a lot of money with these commercial and the huge offering club. The popularity of the athletes depends on how much they get paid weekly or monthly. It is a huge number that can be wasted that anyone would rather not to spend. In this essay I will clear my opinion of why do athletes get paid too much. I think the first…show more content…
The media is a powerful source that can either destroy you or make you famous. Nowadays, if you’re famous and did something wrong everyone will know about it. Everyone knows that a lot of athletes are considered wild and love to party. And that hurts their public image and raises many questions. If you get paid a lot like they do, do you have to have a good public image because you are representing both the organization you're playing for and your fans all around the world? But are they that important? Did you know that the strongest man in the United States of America gets only 250 thousand a year? And he is the man who makes all the decisions and has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders but still gets less than a professional athlete. So who do we blame for that? It’s our fault. How? If we didn’t pay a hundred dollar for a ticket or a fifty dollars on a shirt or even ten dollars on a poster they wouldn’t get that much money as they are getting right now. The gold chicken brings more money than a black chicken even though the both lay the same kind of egg. When the fans love someone, they will do anything to get everything the athlete is on. So, if we didn’t give them that much attention don’t you think they will get paid
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