Eulogy For Father

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When my mom meant Angel I was about five years old and I was very accepting of him, perhaps it was because I long for a father. We never anticipated that our home would escalate as time pass by, and create the fear that began to take over our home. Our home wasn’t as nice as Colorado, but it still had trees, but the trees did not move as gracefully as the trees in Colorado nor did the sun shine the same. My mom had raise me to be an independent women because, “you can’t only count on a man all the time” she would say. “There will be times when he would be there and next he can be gone, that is why it is very important to be an independent woman and count on yourself to take care of yourself”, she continues, “Don’t get me wrong, it is good…show more content…
Naïve some may say but our relationship hasn’t been like any other, for we had to fight for our relationship from my dad (stepdad) who believe, none of his girls should date during school. First of all, we started as friends who knew that like each other and was getting to know each other since the day we first start talking after church. We were waiting for my dad approval and as time pass, we just immerge into a couple. The first year together was a challenge because my dad had a temper that was caused by his PTSD but the day he had saw the picture of Angelo and I kiss everything seem to become a bigger battle with him, but the love we had each other and the support we had we keep pushing and fighting on. Hispanic culture is a little different from American culture, therefore when a family member have been with a person for a very long time, the family will treat their love one as if they are already married, but of course they are expected to get married. In other words, Angelo parents, who are my pastor of my church and his family already treat me as if we were married and the same for my Family. Currently, my dad is still getting over some issue but over all he has accept Angelo. So those who may still think I am naïve to believe more years are to come- I tell them we literally we went to hell and…show more content…
Life is something you can’t fully gasp to a correct definition because there are so many right answers. Instead, to accept what it is and learn how to endure different situations and then overcome it. I haven’t find this expedition too hard to gasp because I just simply knew how to understand the way life works at a young age. I don’t regret anything I had experience in life because it made me who I am. In some shape or form, my experience and life lessons had defined who I am, with my own freedom that allow me to decide what will define me. I may have grown up a little too fast but I don’t regret or blame anybody, it just simply save me from experiencing hard lesson that is hard to overcome as an adult verse a child. One thing for sure, I never dwell on the past like some people. I accept the past and then I put the past into good use. So, all those tease of how stupid I am or any smart remarks, instead of dwelling on my emotion I had turn it around as my fuel to prove them wrong and prove myself right. My father may not been in my whole entire life as much as I would have like and sadly enough my childhood with him had been rob from me, but currently we had reconnected and trying our best to stay in each other lives. No matter how much anybody may think a person does not deserve a second grace, I think upon someone who is

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