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Imagine this, a very long time ago some people came and they took you away from the city you were born and raised in. They brought you to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, and locked you in there. Every day they would come back, feed you, and give you one toy, you had what you needed to live and nothing more. You had never met the people who took you, you recognized their faces because of your daily feedings, but you didn’t get to know who they were and you honestly didn’t want to. This is what it feels like for exotic animals that are kept as pets. No one understands the needs of exotic pets, and if they do, they are not stupid enough to get one. To start off, it is cruel and unfair to keep an exotic animal as a pet. Exotic animals are…show more content…
Simply put, domesticated animals do not do well without humans, and non domesticated animals do not do well with human interaction. They are not able to form a relationship with us as dogs and cats can. This means that for us they serve as a decoration (or bragging rights), and for them it’s like they’ve been sentenced for life. Most exotic animals need way more room than we can provide for them, for example parrots (commonly kept as pets for their ability to mimic speech), would fly many miles a day in the wild and when kept as pets they are usually limited to the run of their house. Exotic pets have other needs as well, including the need for more room than dogs and cats, the need for more mental stimulation, the need for chances to catch their own food, and the need for a more extoic (and expensive) diet. As a good example,…show more content…
Most exotic animals are dangerous, including bears, big cats, primates, and some reptiles. Animals like big cats and bears are dangerous for obvious reason, which is their jaw muscles can tear flesh. Even though tiger cubs may be very cute when they’re young, what happens when they grow up, and become trained killing machines? What do you do when your cute little bear cubs grow up and tear apart your house? Exotic animals have many more needs than domesticated animals and when they are not met they will take it out on their owners. When this happens it usually results in injury or death. For example, Shaianna Hare, a two year old girl, was living with her parents and their pet python, when she was strangled and then eaten while napping in her crib. The python was kept in a laundry bag it’s whole life and when it escaped it was looking for food, a natural instinct of the animal, and their toddler happened to be his first meal. It was not the animals fault, it was just following its instincts, it is the fault of the parents for thinking a wild animal would make a good pet. There are other ways that exotic pets can harm us too. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, 77% to 90% of exotic reptiles imported to the U.S. have salmonella or other harmful diseases. The super majority of reptiles imported to the U.S. could give

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