The Unexpected Coincidence Short Story

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The Unexpected Coincidence:By Aarav Mahajan I had been sleeping in my room. I was sleeping pretty pleased when my mom yelled, “Jake, read your magazine of the day.” I mean, who does that? I went down and started to read my magazine. I never read, I usually just go through the pictures, but today I realized something new. In the news of the day, I had seen that the Governor's dog was missing in big red bold letters. That rang a bell, as for I remembered this guy hit the lottery when he just did a good deed and returned a woman’s dog. To the rumor, the lady paid him $40,000. I thought if this is the governor's dog. By that time I was downstairs. I asked my mom if I could go to my friend, Daphne's house. My mom replied…show more content…
But, there was one animal that bothered me. I kept on thinking to myself, that looks just like Cat. I was interested in the dog, and asked the nearest employee, for ¨help.¨ ¨Excuse me¨ I say. ¨Yes, how many I help you?¨ ¨Just a curious question? Where did you find this dog?¨ ¨I happen to know just the thing! I rescued him myself, as my daily routine to Starbucks¨ Under my breath I say, ¨I knew it.¨ I told her, the real identity of this dog, and that this is no ordinary dog. With surprise, she trusted me with the dog, and with responsibility, I went right to the place, my parents told to meet us at. Of course I had to explain the story to my parents, because any kid walking with a random dog is odd. Once that was clear, we started driving home. We finally reached home, and with good news, we saw the Governor on the way. We explained the story to him, and he sighed with relief. After that was all settled, I ask the Governor, so do I get any money? He said ¨I don´t know what you're talking about? Luckily, the newspaper was still in the car, and with my luck, I went downstairs before completely reading it. After this experience I may say, I learned one thing. Look before you do, because if you do, you might be able to become

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