Pet Boarding Job Essay

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When I grow up I would like to be a Pet boarding industry owner. My occupation’s responsibilities will include not just being the boss and being in my office all day doing paper work. My responsibilities include daily objectives such as pet sitting, pet walking, pet taxi, veterinary services, grooming, etc. Which most of these will be done by employees but I want to help out around the building and be a nice boss. My work environment though will include being in my office, and the building will have to have different rooms for different occupations for employees inside the building. I will also have to have plenty of experience too. I will have to take a business class in college( I want Mizzou or Linden wood), I will probably work at many shelters to gain experience working with animals to work up to my business level, and I will also be a foster or a pet sitter in the very beginning also to gain experience working with animals.…show more content…
Once I get to this level to start my business it will probably start out slow but all of the other pet boarding businesses usually earn about $2,000 a year in profit including paying employees and insurance. With people pampering their pets more and more through out the years, increasing majorly which will make my profit better so then my business will blossom. Similar occupations include kennel, shelter, pet sitting, pet store and animal trainer. If my job as a pet boarding industry owner does not take off correctly one of these other occupations should fill me in on occupation enjoyment but not as much pay, except maybe a pet store owner or an animal trainer. Some qualities that I already possess that will help me be successful at being an pet boarding industry owner are having respect for animals, able to recognize ailments, enjoys grooming and other things that you should do daily, and I have great people

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