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Do ocelots accept having other ocelots in their territory? Do ocelots have lots of kittens, like house cats? Why do people think that they are the subspecies of the leopard? What do ocelots eat? If one wanted to learn about ocelots, these are questions they might consider. The purpose of this paper is to answer these four questions. The ocelot’s life cycle, physical features, behavior, and diet will be addressed in this paper. The ocelot has a strange life cycle. Ocelots only mate once a year. Once it mates, the ocelot usually only has one kitten - 2 or 3 kittens are rare. Kittens weigh approximately 8.5 ounces at birth. The kittens are born with their eyes closed. Compared to other small cats, the ocelot grows quite slowly. Along with the fact that in the wild, the ocelot usually lives up to 10 years, it makes the ocelot become in danger of becoming endangered. The females reach maturity at around 1½ years, and around 2 ½ years for males. They become independent at around 1 year of age. Once they grow up, ocelots weigh between seventeen and twenty-four pounds. While they are kittens in the life cycle, ocelots start getting beautiful physical features.…show more content…
People think that ocelots are the subspecies of the leopard because of the pattern on their coat. Its coat can be cream, reddish-brown, or grayish. The ocelot has black rosettes on its coat. It also has squiggly lines on its coat. There are lines extending from the corners of the ocelots’ eyes back toward its neck. The ocelot has sleek, smooth fur, rounded ears and relatively large front paws. Its long tail has bands of black on it. There are white spots on the backs of their black ears. The spots are called ocelli. The patterns and color of its coat help with its hunting, which is one of its many

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