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Picture our society with no food, no resources for any type of meal to eat and no way to satisfy our needs. Animal rights is the idea that some, or all, non human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests, such as the need to avoid suffering. Most animals are used for food and medical research. Animals are entitled to live life like any other species. They have rights to enjoy life and not be worried about being killed or being drugged. But how are we humans going to survive if we don’t consume the proper nutrients we need to be strong and healthy. I am against the fact that people want animals to have rights if we do give them the rights us humans won’t be at the top of food chain, we would…show more content…
In the wild only the toughest and smartest survive, it is the survival of the fittest. Humans are known to be the top of the food chain, so being the top dogs we would do anything to stay alive. If we do give animals rights this will not only harm the way we eat but we will have to change the way we get food. The prices for meat would tremendously increase because of its high demand. The effect it will have in society his huge, meat will be very expensive. Many people don't realized if we had to give animals the rights of living free and not worry about being slaughter, we would not be able to eat the same way. Like in the movie food ink they said “we are factories for consumers.” Many don’t realize that the food we ate contains fillers. But for us if it taste good we will eat. Animal meat is one of our resources that we really need. There is a difference between a want and need and we don’t want meat we need it in order to…show more content…
People don’t realized that if one animal is given rights, you have to give every animal's rights. All animal should have the opportunity to live free but if we are talking about surviving, we really don’t care about being fair. You always see lion chase down its prey and start eating it, you see no regards. So why should we feel bad. We would do same as what lions do because we need to survive. On a site called it says “Animals cannot have right because they dont have any dudities.” it is saying that animals and dont have the same duties as a human would. It made a good point that animals have nothing to do but be our resource for food. We have unlimited wants and needs and food with animal meat is our number one

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