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Florida Gar I chose a fish that has razor sharp teeth and scales harder than a rock. My fish is the Lepisosteus Platyrhincus or the common name, the Florida Gar. The fellow member and a very similar looking fish of a Florida Gar is the Alligator gar. The state’s largest ever recorded Florida Gar is 9.44 lbs. and the largest catch in length is 28 inches. The Florida Gar is a long fish that has a snout the size of two unsharpened pencils. The Florida Gar has black spots along the bottom and top with greenish white skin. The Florida Gar lives in tropical climates with lots of underwater vegetation. The weather they live in is usually warm or hot, in bodies of water with a mud bottom floor and slow flowing waters. According to Duane Raver, Jr., The Florida Gar has a widespread population around places such as the Savannah River drainage in Georgia to the Ochlockonee River drainage in Florida and Georgia. The…show more content…
The Florida Gar is said to be a more prehistoric looking fish. A lot of research involving the Florida Gar is linking it with prehistoric times. Therefore on web search engines or websites there is a lot of talking about prehistoric times before someone will get to the research about the actual fish. Current research states that we can’t just get rid of a predator that we don’t like such as, a shark, alligator, or crocodile because this would cause the food chain to go out of balance. In the early 90’s the larger gar species were thought to be better off extinct. Then people started realizing all predators have a place in the eco-system. The Florida Gar, being more of a predator like its fellow members of the Gar family, has a role in the food web and keeps the smaller fish species from getting too

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