Race Day Research Paper

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A cross country race is unlike any other sporting event. Hundreds of athletes pile onto buses before the sun has broken the horizon, while still wiping the sleep from their eyes, my team included. Each one listens to their music, often attempting to catch another hour of sleep on the ride to the meet. Without fail, somebody has forgotten their racing spikes and will have to race in their training shoes. This is Saturday morning, which is also known as race day to these dedicated individuals. This is what we train throughout the blistering hot summer months for. This is what we live for. After a bumpy bus ride, our coach switches on the interior lights of the bus, immediately queuing a symphony of reluctant groans. “Alright ladies, we know what we are here to do. It’s time to beat some girls.” Coach Carter instructs. This was his race day tradition. He…show more content…
I had come off of two personal records in a row and was hungry for a third, furthermore placing highly in this large of a meet could catapult my season to new levels. My six teammates and I walked nervously to the torn up starting line. The three races before ours had left the starting line with chunks of grass missing and bits of torn race tags strung across the starting line. I could smell the freshly sprayed paint that marked the three mile course. Meanwhile, over two hundred girls were performing identical generic pre-race stretches, but all were strategizing their individual race plan. I glanced at my planned mile times written in sharpie on my arm just above my watch. They were intimidating as I had never been able to run these times before. I saw the starter motion for us to assume our starting positions on the line. I thought to myself, Relax. It’s time to beat some girls. In unison, two hundred deep breaths were taken as the starter raised his arm indicating the “set” command. I peered at the freshly trimmed course ahead of me as the gun went
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