Why Death Penalty Is Wrong

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The death penalty should not be considered legal because it is wrong. The death penalty is an easy way out, there is not a closure for the situation if the person is killed. The person that is on death row is not always guilty and should not be put to death. Being sentenced to death is not the right thing to do, because in the Bible it says “thou shalt not kill”. There’s better ways to handle difficult situations than just putting the person to death, they can be sentenced to life without parole. The death penalty is wrong because it is not fair and it usually depends on the race and place to dictate who lives and who dies. Sentencing someone to death is a risk that shouldn't be a risk that shouldn't be a risk someone is willing to…show more content…
Innocent people are being killed. The judgment on whether a person should die or not is poor and not fair because it depends on the place and some of the time the race. The judgment for the death penalty is not equal, people have their own opinions and beliefs. Therefore, the death penalty is wrong. While the death penalty deters some would-be murders undoubtedly, there is evidence that it encourages others especially the unstable who are attracted to media immortality like bugs to a light. If instead of facing heady weeks before television cameras, they faced a lifetime of obscurity in person, the path of violence might seem less glamorous to them. “Executions have a corrupting effect on the public.” (OADPEditor 2017) Thomas Macaulay said of the Puritans that they “hated bear-baiting, not because it gave pleasure to the spectators” while wrong on the first point, they were right on the second. There is something indecent in the rituals that surround executions and the excitement even the entertainment that they provide to the public. There are the last visits from family, the last dinner, the last-walk, and last words. Television cameras, which have fought their way into courtrooms and nearly everywhere else, may some day push their way right up to the execution chamber and give us all, in living color, the very last
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