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There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when debating on what the biggest problems are not only in the justice system but also in the court system, many of them being seen throughout the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers. For instance, race seems to still be an issue in today’s justice system. One example on how race is a problem in the justice system is on the case of Clarence Brandley. Clarence was realized from jail after being wrongfully convicted and on death row for almost one decade as it states in the Montana Abolition Coalition article. Another problem in the justice system is the death penalty. One reason why the death penalty is a problem is because innocent people can be executed as it also states in the…show more content…
Racism is not only one of the themes in the novel but it is also one of the biggest issues in today’s court system. For example in the Montana Abolition Coalition article it states how in the case of Clarence Brandley he was ¨denied the most basic fundamental rights of due process of law, and did not commit the crime for which he now resides on death row… The court unequivocally concludes that the color of Clarence Brandley skin was a substantial factor which pervades all aspects of the State’s capital prosecution… In the 30 years this court has presided over matters in the judicial system, no case has presented a more shocking scenario of the effects of racial prejudice, perjured testimony, witness intimidation, an investigation the outcome of which was predetermined, and public officials who, for whatever motives, lost sight of what is right and just.” Based on that statement it shows that they judged and assumed based on Mr. Brandleyś skin color that he was guilty when he really was not. Another example of this is found in the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers. In the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers O'Brien states ¨You're young, you're Black, and you're on trial. What else do they need to know?¨ Then Steve says ¨I thought you're supposed to be innocent until you're proven guilty? (Myer,26) That shows how Steve was judged based on the color of his skin. It also shows how…show more content…
Former FBI Director William S. Sessions states “In three out of ten cases not only did we have the wrong person, but the guilty person was still at large. In capital cases the stakes were unnervingly high: the prospect of executing an innocent person was only slightly more appalling than the prospect of murderers and rapists walking free, unidentified and dangerous( Montana Abolition Coalition).That shows how the death penalty is a problem. An innocent person can lose their life because of this. Another example of why the death penalty is a problem is because the United States is the only country in the seven leading industrial nations that still executes prisoners. That seems to be a problem since thereś so many other country;s that no longer use the death penalty. Many opponents of the death penalty have shown that states with death penalties do not have lower murder rates than states without them. With that being said what is the purpose of the death penalty. I find it to be a huge problem in our justice

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