Four Square Case Study

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1.1 HISTORY Four Square was established in 2013, The Company has been in the business field with Expertise resource and management team for over 4 years. In addition, has been taking the required steps to approach firms to get their business for, IT enterprise, Advertising, Event Management its production through billboards and printing media Four Square is a sincere company with a straight forward vision. Our believe is that we learn for our customers. As all customers require special attention to their requirement, we have a team of dedicated experts to help the customer visualize their requirement and turn requirement into reality. 1.2 VISION To achieve, Sustainable and consistent growth. Four Square has drawn a structure, which will…show more content…
They check schedules, confirm product specifications, arrange adjustments, oversee the work of staff in the department and monitor the quality of the product, ensuring deadlines are met. Mr Shahan – IT Technician To install digital signage and upload the software’s Aysha - IT Technician traineeTo install digital signage and upload the software’s and makes weekly reports for the supervisor. 1.8 RELATED INDUSTRIES Info Tech Media Solutions Mo Fakhro Al mass Printing and…show more content…
• Received different type of training on programs. • Ready for future challenges • Develop teamwork. 2.5 PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE Practicum experiences help me to put the classroom theory in a workplace environment. Students get the opportunity for degree-related work experience to promote insight about contemporary issues in our chosen career field. Practicum can serve as a ''job preview'' and assist the student in career development based on personal observation instead of relying on media sources. It strengthens competencies learned throughout a students' academic progression such as analytical skills, research processes and interpersonal dynamics. 2.6 SCOPE OF WORK The four basic functions of management are operates through planning, organizing, leading and controlling. • Technical Issues resolved recording is being done regularly • Follow up with the IT issues • Leading: Also known as, motivating, is exhibiting leadership and motivational skills in order to encourage others to play an effective part in achieving plans and ensure workers to participate in the

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