Why Should Capital Punishment Be Banned

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“I think people would be alive today if there were a death penalty.” – Nancy Davis Reagan The quotation above means that if capital punishment was a crime deterrence, more people would be alive today because life imprisonment will release those prisoners after a period of time and they will return to murder people again. As a result, more people will be killed whilst the convicts will get life sentenced instead of execution. Instead, if death penalty was adopted more lives will be saved and only one will be gone. Nonetheless, other people suggested that execution should be banned as a form of crime punishment. There are debates on whether death penalties should be banned completely or keeping it as a form of punishment. Although some people believed that capital punishment should be completely banned, majority of people still support the existence of death penalty as a method of deterrence. Death Penalty as a punishment must not be banned as it creates another form of crime deterrent, it will eliminate the issue of prisoner parole that could give another chance to those prisoners to recommit…show more content…
However, it has been proven that it is an effective way in preventing people from conviction. Meanwhile, some still raise arguments against the existence of execution of criminals, these arguments contain flaws which can be evidently proven that they are not valid. As a result, death penalty should not be completely banned because of the essential evidence that can clarify the justification of executions. Capital punishment have surely discouraged people from committing such severe crimes. Consequently, the juridical system of countries that death penalty was not an option of crime punishment should consider of penetrating capital punishment as an option. What does death penalty will bring to those countries who will be adopted the type of crime

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