The Death Penalty: The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Intro-capital punishment is the death penalty it is used at this time to punish Variety of offences There are a lot of arguments made for death penalty same as against it In the united states there are 31 states that use capital punishment as well as the federal government. People believe that just by hurting someone is the best way to punish someone?,there are many people that oppose this and believe it is normally and religiously wrong to kill another human despite what crimes they have committed. People feel so strongly about their option because there is nothing more permanent than death. People’s views typically are the way they are because of how they were raised and the community they grew up .some…show more content…
Even though the bible never states anything against capital punishment,but I guess we're still in the 1608’s when they would execute you for just by walking the wrong way. The Roman Catholic Church opposes capital punishment in almost in all cases with the exception of a select few reasons.. the southern Baptist Convention approves of it under certain conditions, the united Methodist Church disapproves of it in each and every case. Pope Francis made this statement about his and the catholic church's views on the death penalty. It is an offense against the inviolability of life and the dignity of the human person,which contradicts god's plan for men and society, and his merciful justice, and impedes the penalty from fulfilling any just objective. It does not render justice to the victims, but rather fosters vengeance. When the death penalty is applied,it is not for a current act of aggression, but rather for an act committed in the past. It also applied to persons whose current ability to cause harm is not current, as it has been neutralized, they are already deprived of their liberty. There is discussion in some quarters about the method of killing, as if it were passion to find ways of getting it right…. but there is no human way of killing

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