Why Animal Testing Is Necessary

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Animal Testing is Necessary Most people tend to be against animal testing, and some people even called it cruelty against animals. However, the truth is that animal testing is necessary for both humans and animals. Animal testing has already contributed to many discovery such as vaccines, antibiotics, insulin, etc…, and whiteout it human race would have probably not survived as well as they did. Also, animal testing is not only good for humans, it help the veterinary to have a better knowledge on how medicines works on animals. For instance, veterinary use the same painkillers or antibiotics used by human on animals and a lot of treatment used for animals are derivate from human treatments. Consequently, there is three main advantages of…show more content…
The CBRA states that “More than 80 medicines and vaccines developed for humans are now used to treat animals.” Also, some of the medicines have been developed and used only on animals, such as drugs or vaccines used against parasitic diseases that only affect animals. For a fact, Sir Leonard Rogers, a pioneer in medical researches, calculated that the lives of more than 100 million animals had been saved by inoculation against anthrax and rinderpest (cattle plague) and a similar number by swine-erysipelas inoculation. Moreover, it has helped preserve nearly extinct species such as the California condor and the tamarins of Brazil. Furthermore, animal testing allowed to make great discovery such as antibiotics, painkillers, and other kind of medicine that could be used on animals as well. For instance, when the beloved domesticated dog is in terrible pain, because he broke his leg or after an operation he got to use painkillers. So, we can admit that those medicine help pets to live longer, and have a better life. In other words, animal testing have contributed to help animals to have longer life, and better medical

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