Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Research or Torture Imagine waking up in a small, cold, metal cage, sitting alone with nothing to hear, but the cries of others as they are brought back into the room. And before there’s a chance to get comfortable, a doctor swoops in and proceeds towards a cold bright room. Strapped into restraints, awake, scared, and confused… the procedure begins as the doctor starts to slowly poke, probe, shave, slice and drug the very conscious body. As the pain increases cries for help are uncontrollable, yet nobody helps. The doctor continues the procedure till finished and at the end of it all its back to the small metal cage for the night. This is the everyday life of animal test subjects. With animal activist and animal welfare acts (AWA) in place it is hard to believe there is…show more content…
The animals subjected to testing live a life of fear, isolation, distress and pain. The AWA only has regulatory oversee of specific animals and specific parts of their lab stay. Animals not protected are at even higher risk of being abused and mistreated during testing. The animal welfare act does have regulation power over the transport and housing of the test subjects, but it does not protect the animals from being shocked, gauged, thrown, waxed and restrained for long periods of time. Some of the most common product test are, skin irritation, embryo toxicity, and eye irritancy. The skin irritation test (typically preformed on rabbits) “… is done by placing a chemical or chemical mixture on an area where the animal’s skin has been shaved; the skin may be prepared by removing layers of skin to cause abrasions. These tests cause severe pain to the animal and can result in ulcers, bleeding, bloody scabs, and discoloration of the skin.” Still after all these agonizing procedures the animals are not given pain killers, but they are thrown into a metal cage until it is time to do it all over

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