Voting Rights Argumentative Essay

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Recently the Texas legislature passed a law requiring all residents of Texas must have a state-issued photo ID in order to vote. By doing this the U.S Constitution and federal law placed limitations on state’s powers to establish voter qualifications resulting in many people not voting because they were discouraged from voting due to the new policy or they don’t have any form of government photo ID. The new law isn’t consistent with the federal standards because the Voting Rights Act, being a relevant constitutional provision, was made to overcome any voter requirement barriers; due to this act it allowed African American males to exercise their right to vote under the 15th amendment (Voting Rights Act. (n.d.). Retrieved October 5, 2015, from…show more content…
The reason being is because this discourages people from wanting to vote, but also it prevents those who don’t have a photo ID from voting.The new voter ID law seems to only dilute minority groups rather than help them. Some would say that the new policy will prevent voter fraud, but it’s not sure that’ll it will actually work. Recent study shows that between 2002-2012 during Greg Abbott's election period there were 62 fraud cases, but that was out of the 39,000,000 million votes that were casted in that 10 year span (MindTap - Cengage Learning. (n.d.). Retrieved October 5, 2015, from Nobody whether they’re an eligible voter or an ineligible voter should be required to show proof that they are who they are especially considering that voter fraud is only involved with mail-in ballots. So this proves that voter fraud has no real effect on the elections that are held in Texas especially when the votes are happening at voting precincts. In addition to the fact the voter fraud wouldn’t be that great of an issue during voting days, another issue that would occur would be eligible voters would be inconvenienced making election procedures extremely

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