Persuasive Against Animal Testing Essay

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Imagine a young boy happily frolicking in the leaves on a brisk fall day. Suddenly, he is gasping for air, because he’s suffering from an asthma attack. The frightened boy reaches in his pocket and carefully pulls out his treasured asthma inhaler. Taking a few puffs from this miraculous lifeline, he breathes easily again. Animal research is responsible for the development of asthma inhalers. Without it, this boy and thousands of asthma sufferers like him would be dead. Did you know that animal research has played a crucial part in almost every medical breakthrough over the last decade? Do you support unnecessary human deaths that could have easily been prevented by simple testing on small rodents? If you don’t support animal testing, you choose to let humans die over…show more content…
For example, the article “Animal Testing has a purpose” states, “Today the (Food and Drug Administration) FDA sets higher standards for drug testing. Before a drug can even make it to the animal testing stage, it must first pass metabolic studies that prove the drug will be safe in human tissue. These new regulations are designed to save human lives.” This shows that animal testing is necessary to find cures, and save lives and we as people are making laws to do what is safe, right and responsible to get the answers we need. Animals are being used for testing in a thoughtful way. When a drug is approved to be tested on an animal, animal tests are done. If the results show a drug can help, it is then tested on humans. So if we are willing to test humans to find new ways of curing diseases, why wouldn’t we use animals too? The only way to move forward and find cures is to do research. Laws made by the FDA have made it safer and more responsible to test animals, and therefore this must

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