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Personal Statement I vividly remember the day I understood what the equation “E=mc2” actually meant. The sudden realization had a deep impact on me. Everything was not the same anymore. Irony, because everything had the same beginning; only the string of events that distinguishes the stars to what we see around. I looked at my hand, while having a mental picture of a glazing star; “Stardust”, I thought, “the calcium in my bones which was made after supernova explosions.” I sat on the floor; unable to speak for an hour, and unable to stop the tears of joy and realization from rolling down my eyes. I love it how, with Physics, the most complex phenomena of the universe can be explained by fitting ideas and discoveries together into a theory.…show more content…
Imagining about the majesty, the meticulous creation of the universe, or about the quantum realm, has never failed to give me goosebumps. I have spend hours looking at the stars, smiling at the majesty; the universe. Sometimes I sit and think; “if I am given a chance to take a one-way trip to the 'giant red spot' of Jupiter; plunging into the eye – I'd take it”. Ideas like 'Proof-By-Condradiction' has shown me; even if the start is a failure, one can use that failure to immerse victorious, by realizing how failure for one, is not a fitting model. Even with my friends, I discuss about the advancements in science, like 'magnetic warmholes'. I could be found in the corner of the classroom, explaining “time dilation” to my friends. Seeing the ever widening eyes, and the intriguing faces of my friends, has it own perks. I have an immense desire of solving problems that have baffled physicists for decades, like; the value of dark energy; a colossal mismatch with the theoretical predictions, and it's connection to the Multiverse…show more content…
Now if I come across any sophisticated maths problems from, say Graduate level Physics; I don't get intimidated, instead, I try to comprehend it. It has made more open to challenges and now I find more joy in solving logical problems. Beyond academic matters, I am mostly occupied in debating. Debating is something that I am passionate about and want to pursue it in the future. Debating involves research, analysis and skepticism which actually corresponds to what physics requires; be it in a different manner. I have been awarded the “the best debater/adjudicator” in two major inter-college debate competitions in the country. Also, I was the president of the Science and Technology club, and the emcee for major college events. Activities like those, have played a significant role in my self-esteem, and I am happy that despite being the 'physics guy'; I am outgoing and involved in other

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