How Are Special Needs People Treated In The Early 1900's

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In the early 1900’s, people with mental disabilities were poorly treated. Today we know a lot more about their situation and have a different view on their capabilities. People with mental disabilities are treated really well in today’s society. They are commonly seen in public, given the opportunity to take part in special programs and activities, and are able to attend public schools. Special needs people are treated really well in today’s society because unlike many years ago they aren’t sent to institutions and completely hidden by their families. Many years ago it was an embarrassment to have a child that was mentally disabled so they were often hidden by their families and sent to institutions, for example John F. Kennedy had a sister with Down syndrome but she was hidden from their family and sent to an institution, few people knew about her existence. “As for John F. Kennedy’s…show more content…
There are many fun programs like sports where they can play any sport of their liking. For example Teddy Kremer is a young man with Down syndrome that is the bat boy of the Cincinnati Reds major league baseball team. Erardi says, “The remarkable thing…he did it with such aplomb, gusto and unbridled joy.” Ted participates in such joy and enthusiasm that he has changed the team. How Ted participates shows how people with Down syndrome are valued as any other person in today’s time unlike many years ago where they didn’t participate in such tasks. Today’s society also includes programs that teach people with mental disabilities skills for certain jobs so they can be active and possibly get paid money. Opportunities are given to people with Down syndrome proving our society treats them really well by understanding how they love and thrive off the feeling of accomplishment like everyone else. Getting an education enables many accomplishments and jobs to be possible in today’s

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